Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate change
Polo is surprised by a whale whilst crossing the vast Pacific ocean

Follow Polo's adventures around the world in his fun comic book and on this website!



The comic book 'The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a Story of Climate Change' is presented to Permanent Under Secretary Sir Simon McDonald FCO at Climate Change reception hosted by British Embassy in Ecuador (27 January 2020)

Welcome climate change ambassadors!

My name is Polo the bear

I'm not your usual type of bear. I can talk and write, for one thing. But mostly I'm a bear on a mission to understand climate change and help everyone do something about it. 

I think people are OK, mostly, and I've met some wonderful specimens along my journey around the world - really generous, kind, resourceful individuals full of passion about making the world a better place. Though humans are responsible for the problems of this planet, such as rubbish everywhere, loss of forests and coral reefs, disappearance of wildlife (such as my species), and of course abnormal climate change, you lot do know how to adapt, and find solutions to all these problems. 

If there's one thing that blows my top it's humans who don't do anything except make things worse, whether it's because they simply don't care or because they think it's too late to do anything. I bash those kind of people into the ground! 

That's why I'd love it if you joined me on my adventures to find out more about climate change all around the world, and what you can do about it, whoever you are and wherever you live! 

You can see what I've been up to by reading my comic book and by following me on this website and on social media. There are free education resources to download too, right here from this website. 

Do drop me a line: I don't have thumbs but I do know how to use email! 

Polo the bear: climate change adventurer

Polo the bear: climate change adventurer

My Blog

Whenever I travel somewhere and learn something new about climate change I'll write a blog about it. 

If you want to write your own guest blog about climate change right here just let me know!

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