Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate change
Polo visits a Hindu temple.

About this project

A word from the author

Thank you for visiting this site! 

This site came out of having launched my latest comic book 'The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a story of climate change". I wanted to create a comic about climate change that is fun to read, as well as informative and thought-provoking. 

Climate change is probably the most serious global issue in human history. We can't afford to carry on ignoring it or hoping someone else will make it go away. 

I personally find the topic of climate change to be overwhelming. There is so much information, and for most people including myself the science is hard to understand. Information on climate change is also constantly changing - just like the climate itself. How do we even start to get to grips with it all? 

I believe that if learning about something is fun, more people will not only learn, but also remember what they learn. I use comics and cartoons to 'distill' scientific and technical information so that it becomes more accessible to more people, especially kids. 

I've been traveling the world since I was born, and in the process I've picked up an understanding and a deep sympathy for many different human cultures. I am  also passionate about nature and wilderness, and the simpler things in life. I also believe that the arts and the sciences belong together, like they once did. We can explore, understand, learn and share our experience of the world through both art and science.

That explains why I'm a professional conservation biologist who also draws cartoons and creates comics about things like climate change. 

Check out my education cartoons and other comics on my website: AJH Education Comics & Cartoons -

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community of people of all ages who care about our planet. Like myself and Polo, you are probably also someone who likes to have a good laugh. Climate change is however not a laughing matter, and it's easy to fall into a doom and gloom mindframe. And that is precisely why we need humour. 

Any comments, messages or emails addressed to Polo or myself really make a difference: let us know what you think of the comic, of the blogs, of this site. There is always room for improvement. 

Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. We would love to host guest blogs for example. You can also follow Polo on Twitter, and we're working on creating his very own Facebook page, so you can follow and contribute to that too. 

The more people are talking, writing and sharing about climate change and especially climate action, the better. If you are a school teacher, get your kids blogging, discussing and drawing! We'd love to feature a school's drawing or comics competition about climate change, for example!

Bye for now!