Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate change

Education resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate changeEducation resources on climate change

The Adventures of Polo the Bear Board Game

Help Polo on his journey around the world and learn more about climate change! 


The board game measures 105 x 89 cm (A0). Use the download links below (A, B, C) to print the board game in A4-sized pieces. Once you have downloaded them all, print them all out and paste them back together on an A0-size piece of card (base) to form the complete board game. Use the diagram below to guide you.

Also download and print out the separate A4-size file containing the playing cards. Instructions are included. 

If you enjoy playing the game, do drop us a comment on the Contact page! 

Guest Resources

Check out these climate change Concept Cartoons published by Millgate House!

What are Concept Cartoons? 

Concept Cartoons are cartoon-style drawings that put forward a range of viewpoints about the science involved in everyday situations. By offering different ways of looking at a situation, they are designed to intrigue, to provoke discussion and to stimulate scientific thinking. 

How do I use them? 

Concept Cartoons are normally used near the start of the lesson, followed by paired or small group discussion, and then an opportunity to explore or research the ideas being discussed. Ask learners to discuss why each character in the Concept Cartoon might hold their particular idea. What might go in the blank speech bubble?